Tuition and Competition payment due dates:

September 1                   Quarter 1 tuition due- ALL STUDENTS

October 3                       WCDE fees due----OPTIONAL-- COMPETITION STUDENTS

November 1                    Quarter 2 tuition due-ALL STUDENTS

December 15                  Revel Fees due- MANDATORY FOR COMPETITION STUDENTS

December 20                  Intrigue fees due-----OPTIONAL--COMPETITION STUDENTS

January 1                       Quarter 3 tuition due-ALL STUDENTS

January 1                       Triple S fees due- MANDATORY FOR COMPETITION STUDENTS

February 1                      NYCDA fees due----OPTIONAL--COMPETITION STUDENTS

February 15                    Masquerade fees due----OPTIONAL--COMPETITION STUDENTS

March 1                          Quarter 4 tuition due-ALL STUDENTS

March 1                          Ovation fees due----OPTIONAL--COMPETITION STUDENTS


Dance, etc! 2023-2024 Performance Schedule 


Important Dates 2023-2024:  

September 5                       Dance starts!    

November 23                      No Dance  Thanksgiving holiday 

December 8- Jan 5             *Tentative- subject to change - Winter Holiday 

March 31                            No Dance Easter

April 28                              Last day of classes



 Dance, etc! Holiday Show 2024

December 8th  Dress rehearsal   Click Here for Schedule

December 9th  Recitals 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.  Click here for Show Order.  Tentative as of 11/6

Chester Fritz auditorium. UND campus 





Dance, etc! “In Concert” and “Mini Show” 2024


Mini Shows: 1:00 & 5:00 (younger students)Sunday May 5th. 

In concert Friday, May 3th  



Dance, etc! in Grand Forks will be closed:

December 8- January 5th

Friday- Sunday  February 2-4th

Sunday March 31