Minis-Invitation Only, Stars-Invitation to audition. All other line auditions are open.

Please read all information closely.
The audition notice contains a few of the basic details about becoming a performing line member, and a guideline of responsibilities All students who wish to be a performing line member, need to audition. The first thing you will notice is that Performing line members are held to higher expectations.

Your attendance is watched closely in all your classes. You may have additional rehearsals called, and you will need to attend them, as well. Attendance at performances goes without saying. We also request a greater attention to costume details, including hair styles. Dancers must be enrolled a full year at Dance, etc! before they are eligible for Performance Lines.  Performance line members are required to take a ballet and a jazz class in addition to Line rehearsals.

While at a performance, Line members represent our studio, and will be asked to act in a polite and respectful manner. Line members will be asked to dress neatly when attending and arriving at performances. If necessary, arrive in costume. A line member must know their dance to participate in performances.

Students at Dance, etc! are presented with creative and fun choreography each year. Please remember that this choreography is property of Dance, etc! and its respective choreographer, and may not be shared or performed without permission. If you would like to show your dance at a school talent show, or other setting, please contact the office. You may also ask for the edited version of your song for this purpose.

Dance, etc! performing line members receive many hours of detailed and aggressive training from the DE instructors. It is offered at a low-cost hourly rate. Therefore, we do request that performing line members are students with Dance, etc! only, and do not studio hop.  If you are interested in dancing with more than one studio, please do not audition.

Please remember that line auditions are a competition.
If you have inquired about auditions and we suggested a certain line would be best, or that you wait a year, please respect these suggestions. Given a year notice, we can suggest certain classes and offer you a dance schedule to better prepare you for performing line auditions. It will be up to the dancer to follow through.

Competition is not for everyone.
Participation is an individual choice.

Performing lines and special productions are our only areas of competitive dance.

We have a $40 line fee, per member for stars, teen, junior and senior lines.

The line fee is paid by all dancers who audition. Only one line fee per member is collected. This fee is separate from our registration fee. We ask that the line fee, registration fee, and the first quarter lessons are paid prior to auditions. (The line fee is per member. The registration fee is per family)

You must consider yourself a team player. Line members must be willing to help our new members achieve their highest potential.

Working together and performing as a group is what makes a performing line successful. 

Line workshops at the studio are mandatory. Out of town workshops may be recommended and fun, but not required

What are we Looking for?

Minis dancers are invited to participate based on recommendations from their class teachers.  Teachers use many factors in helping them to make that recommendation. ATTENDANCE is key.  Performance groups are just that- groups, and we are looking for someone who has a dedication to dance. Summer dance is strongly recommended.   BEHAVIOR.  We are looking for dancers who are attentive in class and do not cause disruptions to the learning process.  APTITUDE.  We are looking for dancers who learn and remember choreography.  Dancers should be able to perform their choreography from memory without watching the teacher for the next step.  TECHNIQUE.  We are looking for dancers who understand and demonstrate correct dance technique.  PERFORMANCE.  We are looking for dancers who perform on stage.  Smiles and stage presence!  ATTITUDE.  Dancers need to be team players and respectful of themselves, other dancers, their parents and teachers.

Minis dancers recieve their invitation to participate, and Stars dancers recieve their invitation to audition during July via email.


Auditions- Stars, Teen Junior and Senior Line
Anytime a dancer participates in a competition they are scored. This means there will be higher scores and lower scores. Therefore, it is important that you understand the audition and judging process, and accept the method, before auditioning. Dance, etc! will NOT discuss dancer's scores or placements with anyone other than the dancer or their parent/gaurdian.

The Audition Process
The performing line audition is divided into several different categories (example: turns, kicks, leaps, combinations, performance, ballet, jazz, lyrical and/or tap).  Each category is assigned a certain number of points. Dancers receive points for how they do in each category. Points are given for accuracy, details, technique, memory, performance. A dancer often has two opportunities in each category to improve their score. (The highest score is always held).

Attendance from the previous year is scored. These scores are considered bonus (+) or minus (-) points. Therefore, both good and poor attendance will have impact on your overall score.

All scores for a dancer are added together. Then, all scores for all judges for a dancer are added together. The scores are sorted numerically, highest to lowest. This is how the audition outcome is determined. 

For clarification purposes: A performing line member who continues with their recommended schedule throughout the summer (jazz and ballet) is always guaranteed a spot on that same line the following year-if they are present for auditions. The remaining number of spots available on a line will be awarded to the top scoring dancers who are auditioning for the first time and of appropriate age, and those returning (who did not dance during the summer).

*Apprentices (AP) may be added if there is not a natural break in scores, or to a dancer who scores exceptionally high amongst her audition group.

If you have additional questions, please call the office. 775-3476