Office Hours:

Monday -Friday 3:00-6:00 p.m.   Sunday CLOSED * Office hours subject to change*

What to wear:
Proper dancewear and dance shoes are required.
Hair should be pulled back.

Please wear leotards, tights, dance shorts or tops. Students should always have their dance shoes. The shoes required will depend on the style of dance the student is taking.   Dance with me dancers should wear clothing that is suitable for movement.  Ballet shoes are also required.                                    

Grand Forks:
        Pink Ballet Shoes(boys wear black)
        Black Tap Shoes
        Lyrical paws
        Black Jazz Shoes


All one-hour ballet classes require students to wear ballet clothing, such as a leotard (preferably black), pink or white tights, and pink ballet shoes.  Ballet students may also wear a skirt, or fitted ballet shorts. *No sweats or t-shirts. Please pull your hair back & secure flyaways.

All one hour Hip Hop classes require students to wear clothing that allows for freedom of movement without restrictions.  Sweats, long shorts, and t-shirts are acceptable and preferred over leotards and tights.  Students will use black dance sneakers or jazz shoes.

All acro classes require students to wear clothng that all allows for freedom of movement, but does not pose a safety risk while tumbling.  Dancers need to have hair back and secured for safety.  Dances will be barefoot fof this class.

Drop-off and pick-up:
Please be sure of your child’s class time so you do not drop them off too early. Students should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before class begins.  Dance, etc! cannot be responsible for children left unattended earlier than 15 minutes before class.  Also, be sure of the time your child’s class ends.  In respect to our teachers who also have families to get home to, please do not pick up your child later than 10 minutes after class has ended.   It is preferred that students do not wait outside for their ride to come. They should wait in the lobby.  Thank you for your help.

Stormy Weather?
We do not cancel classes for school holidays, or conference days. Assume there is class at Dance, etc! in Grand Forks unless the Grand Forks Public schools close due to weather.  Classes cancelled by Dance, etc! for any reason, can be made up at a scheduled time.  Closings will be announced on Facebook, insatgram and via email.

There are no refunds for missed classes.   If Dance, etc! cancels class for any reason, a make-up class will be available.  If your dancer decides that they are going to drop a class, you must notify the office prior to the new quarter, or you will be responsible for paying tuition for that quarter.  If your child drops a class in the middle of the quarter, you are responsible for paying for the entire quarter.  Tuition will not be prorated. When you pay in full at the beginning of the year to get the discounted price, but drop in the middle, Tuition will be charged at the full amount.   Many of our classes fill quickly and we have a waiting list.   If you are interested in starting a class later than the start date in August and want to guarantee your place, you must pay the tuition for the quarters not attending.  Otherwise, you may wait to register to see if there is an opening in the desired class.

Viewing Policy:

Dance, etc! is unique in that we allow for viewing in our classes.  We believe that the benefits to this are many.  It allows parents to see the weekly progress that their dancer is making.  Dancers become more comfortable performing in front of an audience.  Parents are able to see if their dancer is encountering any difficultly, and can work directly with teachers to address these problems.  However, with an open door policy, challenges are presented.  First and foremost, remember that your dancer is our priority.  The classroom is a learning environment and needs to be treated as such.  Parents and siblings in the studio must respect the learning environment and not pose any distractions to the dancers in the classroom.  We reserve the right to close the classroom to viewing at any part in the season. 

Classroom Rules:

  • Cell phones are not permitted in classrooms.
  • No street shoes are allowed in the classrooms
  • Food or drinks are not allowed.  We provide water for dancers.
  • No gum.
  • Please respect Dance, etc! and its employees.  Help keep the studio clean by picking up after yourselves.


Many classes will get new costumes. These will be available for purchase during an assigned costume day in October. All costuming is done through the office at Dance, etc!, not by instructors. If you have questions about costumes, please stop into the office.



Dance, etc! begins the year with a non-refundable registration fee of $30, $35 for families with more than one dancer.
This is an annual fee due in September; upon registration for new students. Please add this fee to your first quarterly payment. In addition, you will need to pay tuition.

This amount is due in September. There are no refunds given for missed classes.

We also offer a quarterly payment option, which is the balance, divided into
4 equal quarterly payments.  Example)  $400 ÷ 4 quarters= $100 each quarter.

Quarterly amounts are the same regardless of the number of lessons in a month.

  • We do not have an unlimited rate for our regular session.
  • Tuition prices shown are per student
  • Payments are due by the 1st of each Quarter. September 1st, November 1st, January 1st, March 1st.
  • Payments not received by the 7th of each quarter will incur a $15 late fee.
  • There is a $25 charge for returned checks.
  • Pay your family balance in full before Oct. 1st, and take a 10% discount.
  • Dance shoes, clothing, and costumes are additional expenses.

Dance with Me: 

$200 Year 

$50 per Quarter

1 Class per week: 

$400 Year 

$100 per Quarter

2 Classes per week: 

$760 Year 

$190 per Quarter

3 Classes per week: 

$1120 Year 

$280 per Quarter

4 Classes per week: 

$1400 Year 

$350 per Quarter

5 Classes per week 

$1680 Year 

$420 per Quarter

6 Classes per week: 


7 Classes per week:


8 Classes per week:


9 Classes per week

$1960 Year 


$2240 Year


$2520 Year


$2800 Year

$490 per Quarter


$560 per Quarter


$6300 per Quarter


$700 per Quarter

*If you would like to take more than 9 classes per week, please see the office to discuss your tuition rate.